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Tribal Wallah
Tribal Wallah

Who is Tribal Wallah?

Tribal Wallah at 2014 Ice Alaska

Tribal Wallah is a Tribal Style Belly Dance troupe that was started in Tallahasee Florida by Director Joyce Young. From 2005 until 2008 Tribal Wallah raqued Tallahassee and North Florida with their original spin on this style. Joyce moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in August of 2008 and shortly threrafter found another wonderful group of women willing to learn this dance, put forward the dedication to quality and effort to dancing as a group in order to rebuild Tribal Wallah.

Tribal Wallah at 2012 Friendship Day
Tribal Wallah performs Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) Belly Dance, with a very strong base in American Tribal Style (ATS ®) Belly Dance, created by Fat Chance Belly Dance ® Founder Carolena Nerricio. ATS is a fusion of belly dance styles, blending and combining an intoxicating and fantastic collage of costume, music, jewelry, props and dance. The influences are from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Morocco. In ATS, and all ITS dance forms, there is a common language of dance steps but is performed without choreography. Tribe members uses the language of dance to communicate to each other. Like Tribal Style, our tribe is a fusion of ages, cultures and stages of life.
Tribal Wallah at 2013 Midnight Sun Festival

Accompanying music can be anything from a simple drumbeat to an ultramodern, synthesized orchestration, and costumes within the group can be uniform or wildly unique. A combination of carefully studied and perfected posture, arm movements and positions, dance steps and floor patterns are coupled with improvisation to create an endless variety of movement patterns. Each performance challenges the dancers to alternately follow and lead, with no one person standing out as the tribe's "leader."

Tribal Wallah at 2012 Tanana Valley Fair

Tribe members influence each other over time while dancing and working together, and gradually create a style that belongs not to any one group member, but to the group as a whole. A vibrant, confident and disciplined ATS ® group stands out in its own special way. No other Tribal Style group can duplicate Tribal Wallah's personal style.

To find out more about our dancers, please view our Performer Bios.

Join in on classes to learn this fabulous style of dance, and perhaps you too can be a 'Wallah Woman'!

Tribal Wallah performs at local Haflas, Community Events, Fundraisers and Private Parties. To find out if Tribal Wallah is available for your event, please Contact Us!

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