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Tribal Wallah
Tribal Wallah

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Tribal Wallah performs at local Haflas, Community Events, Fundraisers and Private Parties.

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Joyce Young, Instructor and Director

Joyce started dancing late in life, beginning at the age of 32 during the early spring of 2000, when she took her first Middle Eastern Dance class at the East Boulder Recreation Center in Boulder, Colorado from a gracious and giving woman named Shireen Malik. Joyce studied "belly dance" with Shireen for less than two years, learning to improv and how to put steps together to make small combinations, and mostly learned how to enjoy having fun while dancing in class. Joyce continued with Shireen’s classes until she moved to Florida in August of 2002.

Continuing with classes in Florida in Danse Oriental for a couple years, in early spring of 2004 the Belly Dance Super Stars visited Tallahassee and Joyce was introduced to the world of Tribal and Tribal Fusion when she got to see Rachel Brice perform alongside two lovely tall, Amazonian looking women. Joyce was instantly captivated and while this style of dance was something totally new it felt so familiar, something that she connected with instantly. Unclear on what made this dance different, one thing was sure; she had caught TRIBAL FEVER. Since then Joyce has done everything she possibly could to get to workshops and study tribal style dance.

Once Joyce saw a video performance of Fat Chance Belly Dance (FCBD), the founding troupe of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, she decided she had to learn more about this beautiful dance form. In her time in Florida, Joyce attended three Tribal Pura weekend workshop, as well as the General Skills Certification program offered by Carolena Nerricio through FCBD, Joyce has focused most of her studies on ATS, in the FCBD format. Joyce has taken workshops with a variety of other Tribal Style performers, including but not limited to Ziah Ali of Awalim, Rachel Brice, Sharon Moore of Infusion Tribal, Megha of Devyani, Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan, Jill Parker of Ultra Gypsy, Sharon Kahira, Zoe Jakes, Kassar, and Heather Stants of Urban Tribal.

Joyce founded Tribal Wallah in September of 2005. For the three years she was in Florida, she taught two classes a week, monthly workshops, and offered private lessons for more advanced dancers. She also performed with her Florida troupe at every opportunity to help educate and entertain.

In August of 2008, Joyce made a dream come true and moved to Alaska. In January of 2009 she starting offering classes to the public, and in September of 2009 she opened Space for Movement Studio where she offers 3 levels of Tribal Style, plus offers occasional special topics such as dancing with fans, sword, and Spanish fusion skirt dancing. She is also available for performances as a soloist and performs with her snakes, as well as a sword, baskets, veils and zills.

Caroline Carter, Student Dancer